The Fort Club is a place where a group of us get-together and hang out at.
We started building in 1997 as something to do, but little did we know it was going to become much more than that.
  Back in 1997 - 1999 we had many party's that lasted about 4 - 6 Hours on average, we never had party's in the winter and we almost never stayed overnight.
  Now the fort is much more of a Cabin than a Fort, but everyone still calls it the "fort" or "FortClub" and we have been calling it that since public school, so it would be hard to change it now.
  Since about 2006 the party's are more like Get-togethers, we have gatherings for three to seven days at a time, and one night out of a gathering we invite all our parents out for dinner, we call it The BIG Dinner, which is a lot of fun!. During the gatherings we do things like play board games, go to the beach, have campfires, and in the winter we have our annual Snowmobile Party. We have 4 main gatherings here at FortClub - The Winter Snowmobile Party, The Spring/Summer Get-together, The August Week Long Living @ The Fort, the Halloween Party, and we have many more smaller events going on throughout the year. 
  At the FortClub we allow drinking and playing Video games, but discourage it, we try to get everyone to do more outside things like having a camp fire, playing more active games or even just getting into a good board game.
We all spent many hours, days and years building the FortClub, from 1997 - 2006 now we are just enjoying every minute of it!......with a few upgrades here and there!!
How it all started!
  The idea of building a "fort" started back in 1997, as a few of us were needing something to do after school.
We started in September by collecting any lumber we could get our hands on, and without a plan we started building. We started off building on three trees in a triangle that was 5' x 6' Measured in a "T", after that we added an extension that went off the side and measured 6' x 8'.
If that was not enough we built up three floors on the triangle part, which were only decks.
By the end of November we had finished the main part of the building, we had 12 Volt Power a 5" Black & White TV and we called ourselves "Little Cabins"
On Halloween of 1997 we held our very first "Fort Halloween Party!"
we had approximately three party's in this fort, including one cold winter party!!
This Fort did not last long because after winter the roof had leaked all over and it was rotten, as this fort had no shingles or insulation at all, not to mention the plywood thin walls.
In the spring of 1998 we tore this fort down.
  So we decided to give it another try in the Summer of 1998, during the planning of the second fort we changed the name from "Little Cabins" to "Fort Club"
We decided to build this one much bigger, we planned to build it 8 x 16 with 2 floors, and everyone was supposed to have their own room.
Right away we had the frame up and ready to plywood when we realized we had run out of money, not only that but the cost was going to be much higher than first thought.
Using what money we could get our hands on we put plywood on the floor then tarped all the walls and roof, we could not afford any more wood to frame a roof so we tarped a flat roof on it and used a stick of wood to hold it up in the middle.
After that was complete we ran a 120 volt power line, brought back a sterio and speakers and threw a party! at the time we had apx. 14 Members.
Everything was going alright until fall hit, we ran into a massive problem......we built the fort at the bottom of a stream in a swamp! it was dry when we started so we had no idea it even existed.
The stream ended right at the front door so when the frist big rainfall came it washed a pile of mud right into the fort, and then it sank in the mud and water.
That was the end of The Second Fort.
  After a long break from building, and saying we'll never build another fort again... Here we were... building another one!
We started building the third fort in August 1999, we built it in a triangle and had two floors with the upstairs a square room 10x10 feet and the downstairs 10x10 feet if measured in a "T"
For Power we used 2 tractor batteries giving us 12volts, we had a 12v 9" TV and had to buy all 12volt light bulbs.

(Year 2000)
The first extension we built was a room off the back that was 5x7 feet, we called it "The Purple Room"
We also added our first Power Line! we re-wired for 120 volts and then added a 19" TV and a bigger sterio!

(Year 2001)
The BIG Step Forward! We added a massive two floor extension measuring 9x16 feet which was the Living Room, Kitchen, and upstairs storage space that measured 9x14 feet.
We also insulated everything (except for the purple room) we added heat, a fridge, mini stove, microwave, toaster oven, cupboards, and a whole lot more.

(Year 2002)
We decided we needed a screened in porch, so we built one that measured 8x12 and we also put electricity in that too.

(Year 2003)
In 2003 we decided to turn the up-stars storage room into space we could use.
We turned it into a Rec-room / Music DJ Room, which was all insulated, wired for sound everywhere and we also made sure to add lots of electrical outlets.
After this big improvement we were pushing one 120 volt power line too far, it was time to add more, so we added three more power lines which gave us a total of four.
Other things added in 2003 were new Shingles on the roof, a new Fridge, Oil-electric heat, Satilite/Cable TV, a total of six TV's, Running water, and much more!

(Year 2004)
It was time to get rid of "The Purple Room" which was rotten (due to having no shingles) After tearing it down we built a new bigger room called the "Bunker Room" (8x10) which had 2 bunk beds (one on each side),also wired for sound, and a washroom.
Also added in 2004 was brand new carpet EVERYWHERE!!!!and we re-painted inside, finished the pathway and put on a brand-new deck, and a new door on the kitchen.

(Year 2005)
We replaced the counter top, sink, the two back doors and built the TV and VCR into the wall upstairs. We also put in a window in the music room.

(year 2006)
Operation fix deck! We gutted the screened in deck because it was leaking, we added on an extra 4x8 extension, got rid of the tree inside and re-finished the inside completely.
We also added computers in 2006.

(Year 2007)
In 2007 we gutted the upstairs living-room and music room, turning it in to one big living room. We got a new 27" TV and a new couch for it too.
We also added a roof on the deck outside to keep the rain off everything, we added 2 more bunks in the Bunker Room, giving us a total of 4.
Also in 2007 we reached The Most Members We Have Ever Had! 17

(Year 2008)
Operation more room! We took out the wall between the kitchen and livingroom then added another counter.
We added a 5th Power line to try and solve an upstairs power shortage.
We renovated the closet upstairs, put an addition on the deck outside, replaced the 12" TV on the screened in deck with a 15" LCD, added a new computer, built a new computer desk, full cable TV, put a new tin roof on the screened in deck, replaced all the carpet downstairs, and a whole lot more!

(Year 2009)
In 2009 we renovated our outdoor deck, we put on a new, bigger clear roof (the old one caved in from the snow!) added counters and that became our Outdoor Kitchen!
We also added our 6th Power line giving the Bunker Room separate power, and replaced the 15"LCD TV on the screened in deck with a 37" LCD TV!

(Year 2010)
2010 was a busy year @ FortClub as we prepared for the Stag & Doe which was to be held here.
The boardwalk was fixed up, we put a new roof on the Bunker Room and Bathroom and a new deck on the front of the Fort.
A much needed upgrade in 2010 was our Computer and TV Entertainment System.. so we re-wired everything for HDMI and built a new computer with Windows 7, bought a new 27"LCD monitor for the Screened in Deck and moved the 37" inside.
Now that we had a bigger TV inside we decided to get rid of the table and replace it with a couch, so our kitchen area became the Living Room!
Our final 2 upgrades of 2010 were the Washroom and the Triangle room/Computer room, we renovated the Washroom and re-painted the triangle room brown.

(Year 2011)
Well this year looks like we might need a new Main roof!! yaho!

                                                                              And that is the History of FortClub.

Written by: Aaron Milligan
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